1. Get Passionate

You are already passionate people.  The very fact that you decided to teach and improve the lives of children shows you already have a passion to help young people learn and become better versions of themselves.  Maybe as you read this you wonder if this is your passion anymore? If that’s the case, it may be time to find new passions within teaching or outside of teaching.  We should have a variety of passions and find ways to have creative outlets outside of our classroom walls that let’s us thrive as individuals and create better lives for ourselves.  What is your passion?

2. Have a Life Outside Teaching

It is so important to have a life outside of teaching.  Teaching can be an all-consuming profession and if we aren’t careful it can become all that we do.  I know this to well and it was important for me to find things to do and other influences outside of teaching to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  When you examine your life, is there something missing? Is your health suffering because you don’t have time to go to the gym? Or, are you finding that you aren’t spending time with your kids because of the many demands of your job?  What outlets do you have outside of teaching to be creative and turn off the teaching switch? 

3. Budget Well & Save Like Hell

Teaching is one of the most underpaid and undervalued professions on the planet yet we are expected to be a multitude of professions (ie: doctor, counselor, lawyer, social worker, and many more) to sometimes more than 20 young people under our care.  If you want to make changes in your life and begin to start doing things that you have always wanted to do (ie: travel the world, or buy a dream home), you are going to need to create a budget and save money with purpose so that you can afford to do the things you want to do.  I have traveled all over the world on a teacher’s salary and have been able to invest money for the future as well as take a year off of work to explore my passions.  

4. Create A Healthier Lifestyle

The two things that changed my life were exercising more and eating healthier.  By starting an exercise regime, I lost over 25 pounds and gained muscle that I never thought was possible.  I am not a bodybuilder but when I started to make a shift in my mindset and take my health and fitness seriously I saw results that I honestly never thought were possible.  It is so important for us as teachers to have a healthy life and model this for our students.  Find an exercise that you enjoy.  Maybe it’s running, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, CrossFit or some other kind of fitness? Whatever it is, you need to enjoy it and be motivated to create the routine in your life!

5. Travel

I believe that travel can be the best education for anyone and whether you want to travel the world for 5 years or go on a short camping weekend just a few hours away, you can do it if you are committed to it.  Travel can bring new perspectives on your life and change your thinking about culture, people, and expectations.  If you have never traveled before, I encourage you to seek out opportunities to travel the world.  Did you know that you can teach overseas using your qualifications and get a great salary all while being valued as an educator? Find out more about International Schools here and I guarantee you will never regret the decision to teach and travel.