About The Creator

Hi! I’m Tim.  I have taught in public schools in Canada and International Schools in Beijing and Malaysia.  I am an elementary teacher with experience teaching all primary grade levels.  My most recent position was implementing technology programs and supporting technology initiatives at my most recent school. 

I have always loved travel and found a way to use teaching to allow me to travel over the last seven years.  Travel can really change your life.   The name Spartan Teachers came from a transformation in my life where I decided to get healthier and in better shape.  I started doing Crossfit and running Spartan obstacle races and found that commitment could be transferred to other areas of my life.

I created this site to be a support community for teachers who want to be bold and courageous in their lives.  My hope is that you find value and community on this site.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.